iDebug for iPad

Running a website smoothly takes work. You are not only going to need a decent looking template but also speedy code. You can always learn a lot about what is slowing a site down by using a decent debugging tool. The iDebug for iPad is a simple tool that shows you the source for web pages and helps you figure out what’s wrong with your website.

Most of us rely on Firebug to find out more about our sites and their performance. This app brings Firebug Lite and Google’s page speed to your tablet. You will also be able to view source for your or other folks’ web pages. The user interface is pretty simple and gives you access to all the tools you need without getting in your way.

iDebug is a pretty useful tool to analyze web pages with. Whether you are interested in viewing source codes, header information, or speed data, iDebug has you covered.

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