Intro to Math

Math may not be your cup of tea, but every young child needs to be familiar with Math as soon as possible. It’s almost never too early to get your child started with Math. It’s an incredible science that can help your child’s brain develop the best way possible. Intro to Math is fun learning application that engages kids in 2-6 yr age range and helps them take the very first steps in getting familiar with this science.

Intro to Math is not designed to make your child a master in calculus. But it does get young kids familiar with the foundations of math. Everybody has to start from somewhere. When it comes to math, learning how to read, write, and understand the first 10 numbers is a good way to start.

Intro to Math provides your child with everything he/she needs to learn how to write and understand numbers. Sequence and order of numbers are discussed in this app. So are odd and even numbers. Best of all, there are plenty of activities your child can tackle to further understand what he/she has learned.

Learning Math does not have to be difficult or painful for your kid. Not when you can use Intro to Math to make the whole process fun. It gets your child familiar with the basics of Math and gives him/her plenty of practice too. A great choice for every parent.

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