Luminos for iPad

Since the beginning of time, humankind has been obsessed about learning more about our universe and its origins. History has shown that past civilizations were quite obsessed with the stars and the heavens. While we do not have the technology to explore most of the planets in solar system in person, we can always rely on apps such as Luminos for iPad to find out more about the universe on our iPads.

Luminos for iPad is not your ordinary iPad application. It brings you a 3D experience of the planets and their moons in our solar system. It has over 2.5M stars and thousands of other objects for you to explore on your device. It has a wealth of information on each object which you usually don’t get in astronomy books. Luminos for iPad puts you in control. Users can travel to the object of their choosing with a tap. They can also interact with objects (zoom in, move, and …).

Luminos for iPad does have a night vision mode to add to your experience when exploring the sky. The app has something for everyone. For instance, it can tell you what are the best viewing times for certain objects. I was very impressed with this app’s interface. It makes it quite easy to explore the stars and the objects in our solar system. The app itself is very good looking and makes you want to come back for more.

Luminos for iPad gives you a taste of what studying astronomy on tablets should be like. It has a ton of information for you to go through and puts the sky at your fingertips. What more can you ask for?

Rating: 93/100

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