MedCalc Pro

Most calculators you can find in stores are very capable of handling basic arithmetic but have limitations for the professionals. Each professional field has its own formulas and equations that the pros involved in it have to be familiar with. Thanks to apps such as MedCalc Pro, pros can use their iPad to save themselves time tackling complex equations related to their specific fields.

MedCalc Pro is a medical professional’s best friend. It has medical formulas and scores for your users to take advantage of to tackle complex problems (over 200 items are covered). Each formula comes with detailed information to help users apply them more effectively. Both US and SI units are offered.

MedCalc Pro has quite an attractive interface but stays out of your way (does not go overboard with bells and whistles). Can’t remember the equation that you are looking for? Just search for it by name or keyword. The patient management feature is pretty handy too (saves lab values and other relevant information).

If you are involved in the medical field and need a tool to help you tackle medical equations more effectively, MedCalc Pro has you covered.

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