Mortgage +

Those of you who are looking to buy a house or refinance your existing ones need to pay attention to your mortgage rate and other useful information. Home buyers certainly need to do some thinking before taking on a mortgage they can’t possibly pay off. You do not have to be a finance genius to calculate payments and costs. Mortgage + is just the app you need to tackle those types of problems.

Mortgage + works both on the iPhone and iPad. It lets you know how much you can borrow and what your monthly payments are going to be. You can store information for multiple mortgages and compare them against one another. The app calculates how paying more what you owe monthly would reduce your payments. It takes into account tax, insurance and PMI in its calculations too.

Mortgage + can handle what if scenarios. It supports ARM initial rates. It even gives you an amortization table which is quite neat. Users can export their data in PDF and HMTL. The charts help too. Overall, this is a nice mortgage calculator to have on your iPad.

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