MotionX Zen HD

Have you ever been in a tough situation where you need to make a decision fast but do not have the complete data to based your decision upon? While I am not advocate of casting dice to make decisions, in certain situations you might as well do just that to save yourself time and get over your indecision. MotionX Zen HD is a cool free app for iPad that gives you 12 ways to cast dice.

The app is what you would expect from a dice rolling app. It does come with beautiful graphics and fun sets of dice to play with. I also like the fact that it covers different situations. For instance, you can use the stocks option to make a buy, sell, or hold decision. Here are a few other games included in this app:

  • Decisions
  • Jazz
  • Ying-Ynag
  • ESP
  • Exercise
  • Tarot
  • Zodiac
  • Egypt
  • Shanghai
  • Lacrosse

All these games involve rolling the dice. So if you are uncertain about a certain situation, you can just trust the gods of chance. It’s a free app and has decent graphics. Worth owning.

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