Movable Write

All of us have to write letters in our handwriting from time to time. When you are doing your writing with a pen, you won’t have the luxury of using backspace (as you do on your computer). Erasing mistakes made this way is not that easy either. Movable Write saves you from having to write your letter all over again. Instead of writing on a piece of paper and being worried about making mistakes, you can use Movable Write on your iPad to write in your own handwriting.

Movable Write is quite handy as it allows you to edit your handwritten notes. You can insert words that you may have missed into your piece easily. This application lets you interact with your words. You can zoom in and out and the words will readjust accordingly. Entering your words into this app is super easy.

Movable Write has multiple themes for you to choose from. You can export your notes in PDF format. Certain affects can be applied to your notes. Best of all, you are not just limited to words when using this app. You can also draw on your panel.

You may not want to write handwritten notes all the time. At the same time, Movable Write does give you the chance to write more personal notes for close friends and family members. What’s not to like?

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