Music Remote HD

Apple iPhone and iPad are both great devices. Many of us have multiple iPhones or iPads in our homes. Your iGadgets can communicate with each other too. Take Music Remote HD for instance. It is a simple tool that lets you control the music you have stored on one iPad using another. You can play, pause, skip, view song information, and do a whole lot more.

In order to use this app, you are going to need two iOS devices on the same WiFi network. Music Remote HD needs to be running on both devices. Just select the device you want to use as the controller and set it as your server. Once your devices are paired, you are on your way. The auto-connect feature means you will be back on as soon as you restart the apps.

Music Remote HD has a Playlist button which you can use to create playlists from within it. Songs, albums, or your entire library may be added. This app makes using an iOS device to control another easy. It may reduce your device’s battery life since it needs to run constantly to work.

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