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Whether you own an iPod, an iPad, or an iPhone, chances are you store a ton of music songs on your device (in addition to your apps). Most of us do not exactly keep track of things that we listen too or the number of times with listen to certain songs. Thanks to Music Stats for iPad, you never have to. It’s a powerful application for iPad that keeps track of your music habits and helps you get a better sense of what’s in your music collection.

Music Stats is like your very own personal music tracker. It keeps track of the songs you have listened to and helps you find those who you have been neglecting. Music Stats can sort your songs by play or skip, length, and genre. It offers users their averages as well as the list of songs they have listened to the most. It even graphs this data to give you a better sense on what type of music you are into.

The auto play feature is quite powerful. It allows you to listen to the music you have not listened to in a long time as well as those you have never listened to (or listened to the least). This can be great if you have been buying music but have not had a chance to listen to everything you have bought. The fun stats feature is very interesting as well. Music Stats is Facebook and e-mail friendly which is a plus.

Music Stats is a wonderful pickup for any music fan. It is intuitive and stays out of your way. At the same time, it save you time keeping up with all your songs. Great tool to have if you have hundreds of music files on your iPad or iPhone.

Rating: 8.9/10

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