My Currency for iPad

Those of us who spend most of our time in the U.S. do not have a whole lot of reasons to keep up with currencies in other countries, unless you are into making money off of exchanging currencies. There are plenty of tools available for currency conversions these days so there is no need to guess. My Currency for iPad is an elegant application that provides you with up-to-date exchange rates on the go.

My Currency covers over 180 currencies. Old European currencies and virtual ones (such as Bitcoin) are covered as well. The app provides you with charts for exchange rates to give you a better idea how things are changing. You can just enter the amount you want to convert and choose the appropriate currencies. My Currency does the rest. You do have the option to hide or show flags.

My Currency has plenty of currencies and keeps you up to date with the latest exchange rates. We would love the UI to be more intuitive though. You could always try the free version to find out whether this is the right option for you.

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