MyFood – Nutrition Facts

Many folks struggle to lose weight and keep their weight at the level that is appropriate for their age and height. It is hard to lose the extra weight you are carrying without making major changes to your diet. Exercising may help you stay on weight but you need to make sure your body gets all the nutrition that it needs. MyFood for iPad is a handy tool that provides you with nutrition data for hundreds of foods. You do not have to be a food genius to take advantage of what this app has to offer

MyFood covers a ton of healthy ingredients you may want to include in your diet. The foods are filed under a number of categories to save you time going through them. You get complete nutrition information per each entry in your database. MyFood does have premium packs you can buy to get even more out of this tool. Nutrient browser lets you search through foods by vitamin, mineral, and more. Category selector feature is especially helpful if you are on a diet with restrictions (e.g. vegetarian diet).

MyFood – Nutrition Facts as a free app is decent at best. It does include hundreds of foods you can go through on your tablet. But to get the most out of MyFood, you will need to pick up its premium add-ons. Not a bad app to use if you are clueless about what you take in everyday.

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