Paper Flakes

The winter season is not everyone’s favorite season by any means. A lot of folks do not like having to deal with the cold weather and snow. Playing around in snow is a lot of fun as long as you don’t have to bust your back to clean a ton of it from the front of your home. Paper Flakes for iPad may not make your experience in snow more fun but it does let you play around with different snowflakes on your iPad.

Paper Flakes can be quite fun to play with. It enables you to create your own unique snowflakes. You just have to use your creativity to craft your own snowflake. You do get a scissor tool for cutting. Once you are done with your snowflakes, you can see them in action or save them to your device.

We would love for the developers to offer better instructions for the app. Paper Flakes is not something you would want to play with everyday. But it could be fun to have around especially during the winter season.

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