Pocket Organ C3B3

Playing music is one way to relax your mind and keep yourself sharper. Not everyone has the money or resources for expensive musical instruments. Apps such as Pocket Organ C3B3 let you use your iPad to compose and play music. It turns your iPad into a Hammond Organ.It uses a virtual tone-wheel system to generate realistic sounds on your tablet.

Pocket Organ has a 61 key system with 9 draw bars. The keyboard is scrollable to provide you with more convenient playing experience. Its speaker effects are pretty nice too. Just like a real organ, you can use the effects in this app to enhance your music.

Pocket Organ C3B3 is fast and has an attractive interface. You don’t necessarily have to be a music pro to enjoy this app. Its 20 factory presets are helpful. Users can enhance this app by choosing from the variety of premium packs available for it. The addition of MIDI support has made this app even better. Overall, this is a pretty solid Organ app for music lovers.

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