Top 25 Free Productivity Apps for iPad

Many folks spend a ton of hours each day trying to get things done. But for some reason they can’t seem to ever catch up to their schedule and task lists. Just because a person is working 10 or more hours each day that does not mean they are productive hours. These 25 free apps can make you more productive on your iPad:

Terra: Terra is a fast web browser with tab functionality. It gives you the chance manage unlimited windows and save your work. Swipe gestures for navigation are supported.

Dropbox: an awesome service that lets you bring all photos, docs, and videos together and access them anywhere you are. Saves you time managing your files.

Evernote: a great tool to manage your ideas with and keep better track of things. You can create text, photo and audio notes and sync them across all your computers.

Wyse PocketCloud: just because you don’t have access to your work computer does not mean you should not be able to get your work done. You can connect to it remotely using this app.

Springpad for iPad: have you had trouble remembering some of the ideas that come to you spontaneously? This app is just the tool to keep track of your ideas. You can save photos, locations, products, barcodes, and a whole lot more.

MUJI Calendar: an attractive calendar app for iPad that can help you keep up with your schedule more effectively. Sync with Google Calendar is supported.

SmallTask for iPad: a fast and decent looking application of iPad for those of you who want to have the ability to upload your tasks to your iPad quickly. Dropbox is supported.

Wunderlist HD for iPad: a task manager for iPad that lets you sync your tasks in the cloud and share them with others. Push notifications are supported too. It can help you get more things done.

One Handed Web Browser: want to use only one hand to manage your browser to surf the Internet more conveniently? This app has you covered.

inClass: the perfect tool for students. This app helps students keep track of their classes and take notes more effectively. Supports audio, video, and photo notes.

Sketch Pad 3: a great tool for artists and innovators. You can draw things in your handwriting, capture your ideas easily on the go.

Idea Sketch: a free tool for brainstorming and mapping your ideas. You can create and share your flow charts and diagrams on your tablet using Idea Sketch.

Jumbo Calculator: you may have the sharpest mind but calculators can make us all more productive. This app is a large buttoned calculator that does simple math well.

TouchCalc for iPad: if you need a more sophisticated calculator for iPad to tackle more complicated equations, this calculator can get the job done. Perfect for science and statistics.

Alarmed: need reminders to keep up with your tasks and deadlines? This app supports that. You can also use it as a tool to wake you up and do much more.

iBrainstorm for iPad: a fun to use application for your tablet that lets you bring your wild ideas to life. Another great tool for drawing and brainstorming.

GoTasks: a useful tool for those of you who use Google Apps to manage your business or personal life. This is essentially a Google Tasks client. for iPhone: a collaboration tool for those of you who conduct meetings online. Its light and fast. Great for teamwork.

SyncSpace for iPad: this is essentially a shared whiteboard application for iPad. Your whiteboard can be synchronized across the board as others make changes to it.

AutoCAD WS: if you are hooked on AutoCAD products and want to have an easy way to open your files on your tablet, AutoCAD has you covered.

Color Cache HD: a color matching application that can save web developers a whole lot of time coming up with cool colors for their designs.

iPeriod Free: keeps track of your period cycles. Allows you to keep track of your symptoms. It can predict your future 12 periods, ovulation and fertility.

Relax Completely: sometimes relaxing your body and mind can make you productive over the long run. This program can help you get to the state of relaxation using your tablet.

Nightstand Central for iPad: turns your iPad into a high quality alarm clock with current weather information. Worth investing in the pro version if you need more options.

Clock Pro HD Free: another powerful alarm clock application for iPad. It can also be used as a world clock, chess clock, sleep timer, egg timer, and much more.

If you are looking to become productive but don’t want to invest in paid productivity apps for iPad, the above apps more than have you covered.

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