Not everyone is a gifted cook. There are some of us who can learn how to cook things and come up with new foods real fast. For the rest of us, apps such as RecipePad are so helpful. RecipePad helps you cook with the help your tablet without you having to be a food genius. The fun thing about RecipePad is the fact you can use it without having to touch your iPad’s screen.

RecipePad is designed for those of you who want to go through recipes on your iPad. The app lets you enter your own recipes into your device without having to sync it online or with any specific website. It does have a built-in timer just in case you have to wait a bit to complete certain steps in your recipes.

RecipePad has everything you need to edit recipes and enter new ones. It supports fractions and units to support those complex recipes. RecipePad is a very solid application for food junkies. You won’t need a $250 recipe reader when you can use your iPad to get the job done.

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