Rome Insider’s Guide

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities around the globe. It is one of those places that you want to explore before leaving this Earth. Of course, the city gets millions of visitors each year. It has plenty of places for people to visit and a whole lot of new things to learn about. Rome is a vibrant city too. It can offer you a good time if you decide to stay for more than just a couple of days.

If you are planning to travel to Rome, you may as well bring a guide with you. Rome Insider’s Guide is a solid iPad application that can help you get around and enjoy your time in Rome. The app covers shops, restaurants, museums, and all kinds of other places you may want to visit during your stay in the city of Rome.

Rome Insider’s Guide has thousands of photos to take advantage. It provides you with a list of places you can visit to learn more about the history of Rome. It even has a free WiFi directory just in case you need Internet access (everybody does these days). This app can help you save some money when eating out in Rome. It does have a decent set of maps that won’t require an Internet connection to work. It even has tips on how to deal with the folks in Rome (and a bit on their culture and traditions too).

Rome Insider’s Guide is a pretty handy tool to have with you if you are going to Rome. It is not a place most of us get to visit more than once or twice, so you may as well do your best to get the most out of your experience. This app can help you do just that.

Rating: 88/100


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