runtastic SitUps for iPad

Visiting your gym a couple of times each week to get intense training is a great way to burn calories and lose weight. You don’t always need fancy exercise equipment to push your body and get your heart pumping harder though. Pushups, pull-ups, and sit-ups are just some moves you can do every day to burn energy at home. Your body won’t be ready for too many consecutive situps or pull-ups when you are just getting started. Apps such as runtastic Situps help get your body fit enough for those over time.


As the name suggests, runtastic SitUps turns your tablet into a sit-up trainer. It provides you with a simple plan you can follow to get your body fit enough to handle more consecutive sit-ups. The app can track your workout using your tablet’s accelerometer. It includes an automatic countdown timer and offers you voice coaching. You can upload your activities to runtastic easily.

runtastic app

runtastic SitUps is social media friendly as it lets you share your records on Facebook and Twitter.  The online community allows you to compare your results against your friends’. This is a free application.

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