Scott Kelby’s Lighting Recipes

Scott Kelby is legendary and should be known to folks who are active in the field of photography. He has some of the most exciting training material for new and experienced photographers. Scott Kelby’s Lighting Recipes is a cool little app that shows you how to get the lighting right when doing serious photography. It has plenty of lessons and gear guides to get you started.

Lighting Recipes covers 20 different shots across 13 lessons. In this course, Scott discusses how to set up the perfect lighting settings. A gear guide is included so you can hit the ground running faster. You also get lighting diagrams. The whole course runs for 45 minutes but you can always get more by visiting This application just gives you a taste of what you could be getting from this community.

Learning and mastering photography can take years. It always helps when you have an expert who can explain things clearly and give you the know-how to learn the trade faster. Scott Kelby’s training material provides you with more than enough information to take your photography game to the next level.

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