Smash Cops

Action car chase games such as Need for Speed are quite addictive. They can not only kill a lot of your time, they don’t get old too fast. Smash Cops is another one of those games that you are going to find hard to put down. The game combines great graphics, intense action, and superb game play to offer players a killer game experience.

Smash Cops is all about chasing felons and capturing them while avoiding civilian traffic. You get 4 different mini games to get yourself entertained with (which include some smashing, dodging, and weaving). I found the controls to be easy to get a handle on. In order to get the full experience out of this game, you are going to have to buy additional game packs (which could be a turnoff for some since the game is not exactly free).

Smash Cops has great visuals. You get to smash and flip other vehicles which is always nice. The game involves both pursing and escaping. AirPlay support is a huge plus. The car movement could be a tad bit better. Smash Cops is well worth playing if you are into the chase/pursue type of games.

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