Smash Your Food HD

Eating healthy can lengthen our life and improve its quality. Unfortunately, many of us have gotten used to those unhealthy food choices. If you have been doing it for a long time, you are going to have a harder time kicking your habit to the curb.  Parents with small children are better off getting them familiar with healthy food choices early on to help build a healthier foundation for their future. Smash Your Food HD is a fun app that helps with that.

The concept behind Smash Your Food HD is simple. Do your kids know how many calories pizzas, sodas, and milkshakes have? Thanks to this app, they can find out in a fun fashion. Just guess how much sugar, oil or salt there is in common unhealthy food and let the app smash them to figure out whether you were right. You get 40 foods to choose from (covers doughnuts, burgers, and things in between).

Smash Your Food HD includes high definition video food smashes. The sounds included make the app’s experience more impressive. This has a wide variety of foods and does not get boring fast. While it entertains your kids, it also shows them why they should stay away from certain foods. Personalized nutrition tips are also included and provided to parents as children move from one level to another.

It is never too early to start eating healthier. The sooner one starts, the better off they will be in the long run. Once you make healthy eating a habit, you will have a harder time getting off of it.


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