Speed 2 for iPad

The iPad is more than just an entertainment tablet. It is a great tool for drivers to have around. Exploring maps on these tablets is a lot of fun. You may also use your iPad as a navigation device. It can serve as your speedometer as well. Speed 2 for iPad is just the app you need to start getting speed readings on your tablet. It combines a beautiful user interface with a compass and odometer to provide you with useful information on your drives.

Speed 2 has beautiful graphics with easy-to-follow displays for its odometer, speedometer, and compass. Its data can be displayed in miles, kilometers, and knots. Users can choose between analog and digital displays for speed. They can also choose north or true north for the compass feature. The Speed Limiter feature is pretty neat. It alerts you if you are going over a certain speed.

Speed 2 won’t always work if you are just walking or running. You need to go above a certain speed for readings to register. Keep in mind that you need a 3G or 4G iPad to use this. We would love to see this app made available for iPhone. It is not always perfect but Speed 2 has potential.

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