Thesaurus Rex for iPad

Becoming a master in the art of writing takes time and effort. People who write for a living have to study their language and have a deep understanding for words and their associations. You could always use a paper dictionary to help you out. Why do that when apps such as Thesaurus Rex for iPad can save you time learning new words and expanding your vocabulary?

thesaures rex

Thesaurus Rex is a pretty awesome Thesaurus app for your iOS device. It covers over 550k synonyms and antonyms. It lets users refine and sort their synonyms and antonyms across 5 different filters. You can shorten your synonyms using the Length feature. Audio pronunciations are offered. Want to look up word origin and history? No problem.


Thesaurus Rex has something for everyone, whether you are a poet or writer. It makes looking up words and their associations a whole lot easier.

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