Tiger Woods: My Swing HD for iPad

Golf may not look like a hard sport to pick up but it is indeed very hard to master. You are not only going to have to be fit to play it but will need to master the right techniques. Golf trainers are not cheap so hiring them is not for everyone. Tiger Woods: My Swing HD for iPad is a handy application that helps you improve your game with the help of your tablet.


This is a powerful tool for analyzing your swings. It lets you compare your swings against every club in Tiger Wood’s bag. You are provided with video tips to help you improve your shots. Users can even compare their swing against those of their friends. The video capture feature is easy to use. Videos are saved online at Golfshot.com for your convenience.

golf app

This app won’t make you a golf master on its own. But it does provide you with tips and guidance to improve your game gradually. The app will cost you under $10.

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