Timelapse Toolkit for iPad

So you want to create your own timelapses using your DSLR camera? It is a science and an art. Not everyone has what it takes to make great timelapses in their first few tries. Having an application such as Timelapse Toolkit can help you though. It provides you with a set of tools you can take advantage of to prepare the best timelapses with your camera.

Timelapse Toolkit has a calculator that calculates the total length of the clip, the duration of the event, and the interval between your shots. The torch feature is pretty useful for taking shots during the night. The app also has a sun and moon tracker, so you will know the time for sun and moon events. Timelapse Toolkit also has tips on how to prepare your timelapses.

Timelapse Toolkit does not make you a master in creating timelapses. But it does provide you with enough information and tools to improve your work. It is free at the time of this writing which helps.

How would you improve this tool?

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