Ultimate Dinopedia

Those of you who have seen the latest iPad commercials know about Apple’s effort to position their device as a learning tool as well as an entertainment device. One can always read e-books on an iPad. But there are plenty of apps with interactive content that make the learning process easier for their users. Ultimate Dinopedia is such an application. It is developed for those of you who have kids obsessed with dinosaurs.

Ultimate Dinopedia covers over 700 dinosaurs. It contains an amazing amount of content on these creatures. Users can not only learn about famous dinosaurs, they get to find out cool facts about them. Size comparison of dinosaurs is supported too. The fact that this app pronounces names is a huge plus.

Ultimate Dinopedia’s art works are quite superb. The app includes an interactive family tree you can use to explore dinosaurs more conveniently. It even has videos on select dinosaurs. Your kids will have a fun time going through the content of this app.

All in all, Ultimate Dinopedia has great art works, a ton of fun, interactive content, and a simple interface. It is not that expensive for what it offers, which helps.

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