Untangled HD

Those of us who have to deal with computers and a ton of electronics on a daily basis have had to untangle our wires from time to time. Most of us won’t have too much issue doing those. If you want a real challenge untangling things, you should give Untangled HD a look. It is an awesome tactical game that tests your problem solving skills as you untangle your way to the top.

Untangled HD is based on a simple concept. Your goal is to use your fingers to untangle the puzzles in this game. You don’t want any strings to cross others. The game has 60 levels for you to tackle. The first few levels may be easy to figure out. But there are some levels that will test your logic and problem solving skills.

Almost anyone can play Untangled HD. It is not a hard game to pick up. It has a simplified interface and is quite fast too. The higher levels do test your brain. If you find its puzzles easy, maybe you can try solving them in a shorter period of time.

Untangled HD is one heck of a brain teaser and can kill time pretty fast. It will help make your brain sharper too. It did crash on us a couple of times. But that is not something that can’t be fixed with a patch.

Rating: 88/100

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