Utility iPad Apps


Day Finder

Have you ever had trouble figuring out on which day of the week your next birthday will fall on? How..

System Status

iPad may be a fancy tablet, but it is just like any other computer. It has a limited on-board memory..

Ruler Pad

Do you use your iPad for home design? Maybe you need a way to measure something quickly and don’t have..

My Data Usage Pro

In a perfect world, we’d all get unlimited data plans without additional fees and penalties for going over a certain..

System Manager

Apple iPad may be a shiny gadget, but beneath it all, it’s another personal computing device with its own OS..

Downloader Pro

Apple has been loosening up its app approval policy. That means we are going to see more killer apps approved..

Recipe Manager

Have you seen those fancy recipe managers that cost a few hundred dollars? Sure, they make it easy to organize..

Memory Stick

Apple iPad is a great digital entertainment device. It can be used to do all kinds of things but lets..


Being able to go through your e-mails on iPad or iPhone is nice. But your e-mail experience would not be..