DropTime Pomodoro Timer

We all would love to have more hours in each day to get more work done. That is not possible. Learning how to manage your time like a pro is a better way to approach work anyway. Applying the Pomodoro Technique can help you get more work done and waste less time each and every day. Those of you who own an iOS device can use a Pomodoro timer like DropTime to follow this technique.


DropTime lets you add new timers and rearrange existing ones. It has a fairly simple user interface, so you can see how long you have to complete your pomodoros. The app lets you record how you are using your time and put it on a day/month chart. The app runs in background and provides push notifications. Did we mention that timers can be looped?

droptime app

DropTime is useful for folks who want to get serious about the art of time management. Getting used to the Pomodoro technique can take a bit of time. DropTime simply helps you stay on track. This is a universal app.

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