Incredible Numbers for iPad

We all deal with numbers one way or the other. You don’t have to be a mathematician to deal with them. Some numbers are more important than others. They simply make science work and help us understand what goes around us. Incredible Numbers of Prof. Ian Steward is a brilliant application that gets you familiar with some of the most fascinating numbers in math.

incredible numbers

Incredible Numbers has plenty of interactive demonstrations to help you better understand the importance of some of the numbers discussed. The app covers Infinity, Pi, Primes, Factorials, and more. It also shows how numbers work in nature and what math and music share. You can learn a lot about numbers from a book, but Incredible Numbers has beautiful graphics and offers a much more engaging experience.


Incredible Numbers does not make you a math genius but helps you get a better appreciation for math and numbers. If you ever doubted that math is beautiful, using this app might change your mind.

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