Math Dictionary for Kids

Math is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some students have no trouble mastering more advanced math topics. Some others struggle with the basic concepts. Parents with kids who are struggling in math can always rely on interactive tools to help their young ones along the way. Math Dictionary for Kids is such a tool. This iPad application is developed for kids in grades 4-9 and breaks down math topics in an easy-to-understand fashion.

Math Dictionary has over 400 illustrated math terms with definitions and examples to help your students out. Your students can search through terms, mark the ones they have trouble with, and find new things to learn about in this dictionary. The illustrations and examples used in Math Dictionary are quite useful too.

Math Dictionary for Kids covers various categories. Students can always go through the topics alphabetically. They can take notes too. This is like having an interactive tutor on your tablet. A pretty exciting tool for anyone with kids taking math courses.

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