Headlines for iPad

Twitter is not all about talking about what you have had for lunch. Those who have realized the true value of the community know that they can get a lot out of the community by listening and tracking the latest developments. With tools such as Headlines for iPad, it’s so easy to keep track of the latest tweets and share the top ones with your friends and colleagues.

Headlines for iPad turns your tweets into a dynamic newspaper. So if the good old Twitter interface is not good enough for you, you can just consume your tweets as you would read a newspaper. The app lets you read your tweets and going through the fast by swiping your figure. It’s also possible to retweet from your account.

The app also allows you to save your tweets and open links. You can even share headlines via e-mail. The app does have a lot of potential. Of course, it needs to become more sophisticated when it comes to news organization and things that you can do to filter tweets. As it is today, the app is still very solid and a lot of fun.

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