QuickShot with Dropbox for iPad

Capturing photos using your iPhone or iPad is fun. But you need to also store your photos somewhere and back them up just to make sure you don’t lose them. That’s where QuickShot comes into play. It is a handy tool that lets you automatically get photos and videos from your iOS device to Dropbox. You can upload whether you have a WiFi or cellular connection.


QuickShot is customizable. It lets you configure capture profiles, set custom upload folder, capture quality, and other settings. You get tap-to-focus, flash, front/back cameras, and more. Multiple photos from your library can be uploaded. Your uploads continue even when the app is closed. Don’t want to upload photos when on a cellular data connection? No problem.


QuickShot is simple to use and makes uploading photos from your iOS device to Dropbox easy. This is a free app at this time.

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  • Svend Linhus

    yes. there is a problem……I have over the last days lost six unique live recordings of concerts at my place of work. they wanished into thin air because the upload again and again. and no file was recorded on the Ipad. the last important recording washined AFTER I unlinked quickshot from dropbox to record straight to the Ipad. QUICKSHOT WAS ABLE TO FORCE THE LINK BACK ON WITHOUT ME KNOWING.!!!!! and of course again failed numerous attempts to upload even though space on dropbox and wifi was abundant…….shhitty software