Intro to Colors for iPad

Bringing a baby to this world can be quite gratifying. Your job as a parent is not done as soon as your baby is a few years old. You should take time to take care of your children and educate them at an early stage. Your iPad can be a great educational tool for your children. Intro to Colors is one of many apps you can use to teach your child new concepts.


Intro to Colors covers the basic foundations of color. It covers primary and secondary colors. You can play around with color shades and gradients. The app helps your child identify and match colors. You can pain and clear new colors. This is a universal application, so it will work fine on your iPhone too. By playing around with this app, your child will learn how to identify the right colors.

color app

Intro to Colors is a nice educational tool for those of you with young children. It makes teaching them about colors a lot of fun.

Rating: 92/100

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