Astronomy apps are quite popular among iPhone owners. More so among iPad owners as the large screen makes it much easier to navigate through the stars. There are plenty of astronomy applications that target newbies. SkyVoyager is not one of those apps. It’s designed for intermediate to advanced astronomers, helping them track their favorite object and search through the stars like never before.

SkyVoyager comes with a comprehensive database of 300K stars and 30K deep sky objects. If that is not enough, you can always download the expansion pack to gain access to 2.5 million stars on your iPad. The app does have plenty of features to get you started from the get go. It shows you your sky from any location and gives you the ability to go back and forward in time (great for planning). It has a ton of information on objects in the sky, which is always helpful.

SkyVoyager has a very intuitive interface and is fully customizable. It has a ton of configurations that you can play with on “Settings” page. You can customize what information you want to see on your screen and how you would like your app to perform.

What’s most impressive about SkyVoyager is the fact that it can be used to remotely control your telescope (if you have a computer telescope), giving you the opportunity to explore the sky much more effectively. This feature alone makes this app a must have

SkyVoyager is one of the most impressive apps that we have tested on iPad. It’s definitely not for beginners, but those of you who are ready to take your stargazing game to the next level are going to enjoy using this app. The animations could be a bit more smooth, but that does not take away from the fact that this app kicks butt.


features, customizability, expansion kit, bang for the buckanimation a tad bit slow

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