Domaining can be a very lucrative business if you know how to identify those golden domains and register them for cheap. One word domains are very hard to come by these days. But many domainers have made a ton of money even without those types of domains. Tools such as DomainView are particularly useful as they show you what people are registering and how you can take advantage.

DomainView tracks .com and .net registrations. If someone registers the domain “,” this tool will keep track of those words and displays them in form of a tag cloud on your iPad. You can do this form of analysis in near real time up to a 24 hour period. DomainView can certainly give you an idea and two on domains you may want to register.

DomainView is simple to use and free. If you are in the business of domaining and want to find high quality domains in niches others are targeting, DomainView is well worth a look.

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