Solar Walk for iPad

So you want to learn more about our solar system? iPhone astronomy apps were quite popular, and that seems to be the case with iPad astronomy apps as well. Solar Walk for iPad is a fun tool that lets you find out more about our solar system right on your iPad. Instead of looking at pictures of our solar systems on a book, you get to interact with all objects and find out more about each major object in our solar system.

Solar Walk is quite dynamic and very easy to get a hang on. It gives you a 3D view of our solar system and objects in it. You can zoom in and out and learn about the planets’ positions in the past and present. That’s where the time machine feature comes handy. You can change the time and date to see how the objects’ alignments change.

The extra information on each object is pretty useful as well. Not everybody is going to be an expert in astronomy. But knowing some of those details is pretty fun. The app also shows you the moons of different planets. What’s impressive about this app is its graphics and animations. They are pretty smooth and fun to play with.

The app does have a lot of potential. I would like to see other parts of our galaxy to be added to this app. For instance, it would be nice to see how our solar system would align against the center of our galaxy and other galaxies at a specific date or time. Overall, a wonderful app for astronomy lovers.

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