1Password for iPad

Lots of people underestimate the security threats that they expose their private information to by storing their information without encryption on their iPad (username and passwords). It never hurts to be safe, especially if you are using a device such as your iPad to manage sensitive information. 1Password for iPad is a powerful security solution that stores your names and passwords for you in a secure fashion, decreasing the chances of your information falling in the hands of the wrong people.

1Password for iPad is a universal application, so it works on all your Apple gadgets. If you have the software installed on Windows or Mac, you can sync your information with this app quickly. 1Password does let you log on to your favorite sites without entering your user-names and passwords all the time.

1Password for iPad supports all kinds of services. So webmasters, business professionals, students, and everyone in between can get something out of this app. The AES encryption used in this app makes sure your data stays secure at all times (auto-lock feature keeps your data safe in case you lose your iPad).

Overall, this is a solid app if you want to carry sensitive information on  your iPad. There is no foolproof security system on the market. But 1Password can make life difficult for data thieves.

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