Math Clock

Are you addicted to Math? Some people are. You don’t really have to be a Math guru to have fun with Math Clock. It’s a fun clock application for iPad that turns your hours and minutes into math equations. It may not be the best way to read time, bu it’s a very interesting concept. At the very least, it gets your brain muscles moving every-time you check time.

Math Clock’s equations come in three degrees of difficulty. The first couple of levels have equations that are pretty easy to figure out. The advanced level has some complex equations (not rocket science level but not 2+2 either). Math Clock works like a normal clock app. It supports 12/24 hour modes. You can customize its background too. If you want your clock to change its equation faster, you can just shorten the refresh period (in below image set to 60 seconds).

Math Clock may not be a cup of tea for those of you who are not a fan of math. Still, it’s a very unique clock and quite a lot of fun to play with. It can help you keep your brain sharp and ready to tackle more complex challenges on a daily basis. It has the looks and does what it promises.

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