Ab Randomizer

So you want to build killer abs? Many have tried and failed. But most of those folks are either not dedicated enough or not doing their workouts right. Your body is a smart biological machine. It gets used to the challenges you subject it to. That’s why keeping your workouts fresh and eating right are important towards helping you achieve your goals. Ab Randomizer is an exciting iPhone/iPad application that brings a ton of workout combinations to your iOS device.

Ab Randomizer provides you with personalized workouts every day. Don’t like what you get? Just use the Spin Again! button to get a new workout. You also get exercise videos with explanations to learn how to do each move right. Ab Randomizer has so many workout combinations so it won’t get old too easy. The nutrition tips included are a plus.

You won’t need a sophisticated exercise machine to take advantage of this app. Your workouts could go from 5 to 20 minutes which is not bad at all. Ab Randomizer won’t do your ab exercises for you but it helps you put together a personalized plan fast.

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