We may be in the 21st century, but many organizations still make people fill out paper forms these days. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could fill out PDF forms on your iPad and save yourself from the trouble of having to print out PDF documents? That’s what LifeForms offers. It’s a free application that allows you to fill out PDF forms and share them with others from your tablet.

LifeForms lets you import your PDF documents to it and place your content on your forms. You can add handwritten notes or drawings to your PDF forms. You can even sign your forms (great for agreements, letters, and other formal documents). It’s a useful solution to store your important documents digitally.

LifeForms does what it promises though it could be improved in some areas. It’d be nice if more editing tools are added to it. The app does not exactly fill out forms. It accomplishes its task by adding new layers to your PDF documents. Better support for pre-made PDF templates would be nice.

If you like to fill out and store your documents digitally, LifeForms can be all you need. It is fast and gets the job done (for the most part).

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