Amazing Slow Downer

Not everyone is talented enough to become a great musician. Learning new instruments is one thing. Being able to compose new songs and learn to play complex music pieces takes talent and practice too. You could always get a lot of practice by listening to a piece over and over again. Slowing down what you are listening to might help too. Amazing Slow Downer is a superb application that slows down your music so you can better learn how to play a piece.

Amazing Slow Downer is a great tool to have to start mastering new music pieces. You can play your music at full speed and then slow it down. You have the option to change the speed between 25% to 200% without changing the pitch. You can create loops by touching the appropriate buttons during playback. Keep in mind that the app does not play DRM protected files but works for other music files that you have.

Amazing Slow Downer is pretty easy to use. Just use the sliders and the appropriate buttons to change the music you are listening to for your practices. If you are a music student, you may find this tool useful.

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