Piano HD for iPad

Piano is a great musical instrument to learn but it could take a long time to master. You are going to need to practice it all the time to sharpen your skills. Having a real piano at home or somewhere you have access to is ideal. But you could also use apps such as Piano HD to play with this instrument on your iPad. It brings a good looking digital piano to your tablet.

Piano HD has an adjustable keyboard to fit your needs. It not only plays piano sounds but you can change the sound to guitar, harp, and other instruments. What’s neat is you can record your songs and share them with others. We found the app to be in general responsive. What you record can be shared with your friends via email. The graphics and layouts are pretty decent for this type of app.

Piano HD does not replace a real piano. But it is entertaining to play with. If you love producing music on the go, this is worth a look.

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