American Revolution Interactive Timeline for iPad

The American Revolution is fascinating to study. Many of us learn about it in school. There are a ton of books out on this topic already. The American Revolution Interactive Timeline simply provides you with a more interactive experience. It is comprised of beautiful photos and articles, covering the most significant events, leaders, and battles.

american revolution

This app provides you with images, sketches, paintings, and an interactive experience on the American Revolution. You can search the app for a particular word or go through battles, events, and leaders. By going through the content within this app, you will learn about the Boston Tea Party, Battles of Lexington and Concord, Surrender of Cornwallis, the signing of the Constitution, and other events. Slideshows and videos are also included.

american revolution

Reading a history book to learn about the Revolutionary War is not a bad idea. But the American Revolution Interactive Timeline app provides you with a much more interactive experience. This particular version only runs on iPads though.

Rating: 90/100

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