Anomaly Korea

The iPad is more than capable of serving as your gaming device at home and on the go. You are going to need the right games to have fun on your iPad though. Anomaly Korea is a fun game to have if you love strategy games. It is all about fighting alien robots and keep them at bay. The game combines great game play with plenty of fun missions to keep you busy for a while.


Anomaly Korea for iPad involves fighting aliens in various districts. You will have to manage your money and powers wisely. The game has 12 new missions for you to play. New powers and units are available too. Those of you who have played the previous edition in this franchise are going to find the experience pretty familiar. The visuals are fairly decent and the soundtrack is fun too.


Anomaly Korea is a universal game and works just fine on your iPhone. It requires great strategizing to master though. The game is available for just $3 at this point.

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