The Sun plays a huge role in the way life has formed and evolved on our planet. We would not be here without it. Our star may not be the largest one in our universe but is a very fascinating object to study. You don’t have to be an astronomer to want to learn more about the sun. Sun by KIDS DISCOVER is a beautiful application that helps parents get their kids familiar with the Sun.


If you have used KIDS DISCOVER apps in the past, you should know what to expect here. The app provides you with information on how a star is born, the sun’s core, different star sizes in our galaxy, and more. It has interactive 3D models with high-definition video and audio. The app has high resolution photographs with games and puzzles to get your children interested.


Sun by KIDS DISCOVER costs only $2.99. It is interactive and easy to get started with. The videos and audio included are a plus. Overall, this is another great KIDS DISCOVER app for iPad owners.

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