App Free HD

Buying a couple of apps every day may not make you go bankrupt. But you are going to end up spending a ton of money in the long run if you keep doing it. There is nothing wrong with paying for apps. But there is no excuse for paying more than you have to. App Free HD is an exciting application that shows you the latest app sales and free-for-a-day apps in the App Store.

The idea behind App Free HD is simple. It helps you find free and discounted apps. We are talking about limited time deals. You can use this app to track which apps have become cheaper. The information is updated on a regular basis, so you won’t miss sales. You can search through apps by category and read more information on each of them.

App Free HD is a pretty awesome app to have to save money on apps that you need. It keeps track of app prices and tells you when prices have dropped or certain apps have become free. What’s not to like?

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