Pianist Pro for iPad

The iPad is not only great for playing games and consuming content, it’s also one heck of a tool for artists and musicians. The iPhone owners had access to many cool music apps. But at the same time, the screen is just to small to do anything special. With the iPad, you have enough real estate to compose your music like a pro. Pianist Pro is an iPad only application that is designed for those who can’t get enough of Piano at home and on the go.

Pianist Pro is a very fun virtual piano that contains full 88 keys and can support up to 10 hits at once. You can also choose between single or dual keyboards and even configure key sizes as well. If you find operating the piano difficult, you can always use the keyboard map to jump right to a specific area of the keyboard.

You can choose to go beyond piano and play with organs, synths, and guitars. So if you are into composing music on the go, you have some options with this app. The built in arpeggiator can be quite helpful as well.

All in all, I found this application to be very easy to work with and quite sophisticated. As someone who has basic knowledge of music, this app went way beyond my needs. If you are into music and love playing Piano, you are going to like Pianist Pro.


features, sophisticateda bit pricey

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