These 3 iPad Apps Teach You Chess

Chess may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is good for your brain. It is especially helpful for children. Learning basic chess moves is easy. But you need serious training to improve your opening, middle game, and end game skills. These 3 iPad apps help take your chess game to the next level:


SmallFish Chess: is Stockfish the best chess engine around or can Houdini keep up? Regardless, this is one heck of a chess engine to take on. This app provides you access to that engine but also brings a beautiful user interface to enhance your experience. You will learn a thing or two by playing against Stockfish and analyzing games on your iPad.

Chess Pro – with coach: this is not only a very strong engine that can challenge your skills, but it can serve as a chess trainer. The app teaches you the best moves as you play games. It looks gorgeous too.

learn chess

Learn Chess: by the same developer behind t Chess Pro, this app teaches you the basics of chess. It has 118 pages of content and various diagrams to get you started.

Learning chess takes passion and patience. It is great for your brain though. The above apps don’t replace a private coach, but they do teach you enough to take your chess skills to the next level.

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