The iPad may be a very useful tool for students, but it has its benefits for teachers as well. Attendance is a powerful iPad application that lets teachers keep attendance records right on their tablet. It can help them learn names and get a better feel on who’s attending or not attending a certain class on a regular basis.

Attendance can be used to keep track of multiple groups per each day. Teachers can keep track of who’s been late or not present for a specific session. The status can be updated. This application lets teachers attach photos to names, helping them master their students’ name more effectively.

What’s nice about Attendance is the fact that it makes it easy for teachers to get in touch with a group of students (based on their status). These records will come handy if you are trying to figure out why a student is not doing so well. Having the option to send records in CSV format is a big plus. Teachers can enhance the app’s functionality by purchasing more features.

To sum things up, Attendance is a wonderful app for teachers and those who manage groups. Makes it easy to keep track of members’ attendance record over the long run. It’s easy to use and does what it promises.

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