Most coaches use white-boards to instruct their team how to play a series or counter-attack their opponents. Some even use those paper boards to get the job done. Thanks to HockeyMat for iPad, you can use your iPad to strategize and instruct your team what to do, and you won’t need to touch a pen or marker to do it.

The white board is as you’d expect it. You can draw up lines and positions on the board using your fingers. Multiple colors are available for your line, enabling you to make your point much more conveniently. Erasing and changing positions on your white board is easy too.

I like the fact that you can save positions after finalizing them. It’s a great way to keep track of all the strategies you have up with (and refer to them in the future). Creating your playbook and going through your key plays is easy too.

It’d be nice if one could display multiple boards on the same screen (for comparison). Having more ways to share boards would be fun too. Still, this is a very solid app for hockey fans.

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